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You are here: Home Math Department Overview of high school mathematics

Overview of high school mathematics

Tutorial Printout

Lecture name Pdf No. of Slides
Sets Sets — PDF document, 30Kb 1
Numbers Numbers — PDF document, 57Kb 5
Functions Functions — PDF document, 37Kb 2
Algebra Algebra — PDF document, 59Kb 5
Planar geometry Planar geometry — PDF document, 64Kb 6
Coordinate geometry Coordinate geometry — PDF document, 59Kb 5
Complex numbers Complex numbers — PDF document, 42Kb 2
Sequences and series Sequences and series — PDF document, 57Kb 5
Limits and continuity Limits and continuity — PDF document, 40Kb 2
Differentiation Differentiation — PDF document, 58Kb 5
Integration Integration — PDF document, 80Kb 9
Grades may be recorded and used anonymously for research purposes.